Linden Council Proceeds with Tree Removal


A Village of Linden Council decision to remove eleven large poplar trees from Center Street South was acted upon Monday afternoon, July 4.

It was not an easy decision to remove so many trees whose age was estimated to be around 50 years but according to village staff, it was not as sad for those whose property was affected, than for other villagers who have long admired the look of the tree-lined street. The Village office confirmed that they are aware of at least half a dozen residents along this portion of the street who have been forced to have their sewer pipe systems 'augured' to keep the tree roots from blocking the lines. Roots also play havoc with cement sidewalks and driveways.
The beauty of these big trees and the shade they give off means everything to some people but at some point the trees mature and often become dangerous, as some large limbs hollow out or become so brittle they snap off during wind storms. This has already occurred along this street.
The Village has definite plans to replace these trees, as they did a few years back for those along the length of the skating rink. Council remembers that there were a number of complaints back when those trees came down too but the spruce trees now lining that area are tall and robust with health, and play a central role at Christmas when they get decorated. Although Administration has estimates for tree replacements, no final decision as yet been made.