Prairie Radio Announces 24/7 Internet Radio



Some pretty exciting things are happening at the two-room radio studio located on Prairie Campus. Prairie Radio (  is now being broadcast on the internet 24/7!
Up to recently, Prairie Radio, has been broadcast on the Campus Line and local cable system. Now listeners can tune in via their computers and not only just in Three Hills, but anywhere in Alberta and beyond!
Testing began with running live sports events via Ustream during the basketball provincials being held in Three Hills as well as the Great Falls Hockey Tournament.
"We were not sure if the Great Falls Tournament was going to work out.". said Dan Callaway.  "Things like, what is the internet hook-up like down there and how are we going to get a web page set up in time? Our thanks to my son, DJ, for burning some midnight oil and creating the web page that was needed."
Feedback was tremendous with hometown fans thrilled to see and hear the live action of their teams via the computer.  Comments were  received from  as far away as  Indonesia, Vancouver, Manitoba and other areas.
Work started in earnest on getting the full programming of PBC Radio streaming live on the internet. Now it is possible to type in on your computer internet browser , click on the "listen" buttons and  hear PBC Radio.
Programming includes Praise music, local news and events, Focus on the Family, Insight, Haven, kids programming such as the famous Odyssey, Call of the Land a family health program and more.
A new addition is running old time radio programs at 4:00 pm, such as the likes of, Lone Ranger and Life of Riley.
Check us out also on the Prairie Radio Facebook page.
Dan Callaway, program director, states.  "We are thankful for the hard work from Shawn, Wayne and others in making broadcasting online a reality.