Prairie Bible College Announces Islamic Studies Major

The Intercultural Studies Department at Prairie Bible College is pleased to announce an Islamic Studies major within the Bachelor of Arts in Intercultural Studies program. This new track is the only undergraduate program in the area of Islamic Studies offered within Christian post-secondary in Canada. It is aimed at Christians who are looking to better understand Islam—beliefs, culture and worldview—in order that they may be equipped for effective ministry among Muslim people groups around the world.
Mark Maxwell, President of Prairie Bible Institute, is excited about the possibilities. "We can look at Islam in two ways, the stereotypical western view that has been sensationalized through media or we can understand the reality that there are millions of really good people with families and strong values, but also a skewed understanding of what Christianity is all about".
He goes on to say that "ministry among Muslim people can only really be done after understanding their belief system, culture and perspective of the west". As an extension of our purpose, to know Christ and make Him known, this is not about simply imposing a religion on people, but rather introducing them to Jesus Christ."
Courses will be offered in week-long modules each semester and in summer sessions to allow for part-time community and guest learners. Students enrolled in the one-year Encounter program and two-year program can fill elective requirements with Islamic studies courses. An extended internship in the third and fourth years will allow students to put what they have learned into practice as they immerse themselves in Islamic culture.
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