Report from Your Crowfoot MP

Our Conservative government is taking action to protect the integrity of Canadian Citizenship by revoking approximately 1800 Citizenships from individuals who did not choose Canada as home but instead are using our country as a 'pit-stop' of convenience.  We are pursuing those persons who have obtained their Canadian citizenship through fraudulent means.
Canada is one of the most desirable destinations in the world for immigrants.  Our peace loving and law-abiding population has built a prosperous nation with many opportunities.  As well, we enjoy health and social benefits at home and a passport that is welcomed virtually anywhere on earth.  As such, there are many nefarious people targeting our nation and looking to take advantage of our generosity and the innocent people genuinely trying to immigrate to Canada.
We are a nation built on immigration and everyone who has worked hard to satisfy the requirements of immigrating to Canada are understandably very upset when they see the integrity of Canada's Immigration system being compromised. Bogus asylum claimants, crooked immigration consultants, people smugglers, are examples of those abusing our citizenship program.  Some of the 1800 people targeted are believed to have used dishonest consultants who submitted fraudulent applications on behalf of people who already failed to meet the qualifications for citizenship - such as residency requirements.
Canadian taxpayers are frustrated as well because many of these 'bogus' immigrants do not pay taxes in Canada. Once they receive their Canadian Citizenship, they continue to earn offshore many times the amount of money they would earn in Canada.  As Citizens, they can periodically travel to Canada and use any of our programs and services while they pay no tax to Canada on their annual overseas earnings. They merely try to maintain a 'paper presence' in Canada until they are really ready to live here sometime in the future.
After a lengthy investigation, letters have been issued to these 1800 Canadians telling them the federal government intends to revoke their Citizenship.  Individuals can challenge the decision in Federal Court but if they do not, Cabinet will move to void their passports and strip them of their citizenship.
As well, those who have been involved in war crimes or crimes against humanity will find no haven on our shores.  They will be located and they will face the consequences.  Our government will continue to work with domestic and international law enforcement and Canadians to identify suspected criminals and end their abuse of our immigration system.
We are publicizing the names and photos of specific individuals on the Canadian Border Services Agency's Border Watch Line The Border Watch Line has tips pouring in with the help of the Canadian public. While no one should take action themselves if they identify any of the individuals listed on the website, information should be reported to the Canada Border Services Agency Border Watch Line at 1-888-502-9060 or through the above website.
With our government's actions, Canada is sending a global message -- we will not allow fraudulent immigration to Canada.  Our government received a strong mandate from Canadians to keep our streets and communities safe, and maintain the integrity of our immigration system, and we are following-through on our commitment.
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