Now Showing Beauty and the Beast


Opening night of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast on May 19 and what can I say? The dictionary tells us that an “entertainer” is a person who entertains, especially professionally on stage etc.” And it says that to entertain is “to amuse: occupy agreeably.” I can’t think of any better terms to describe what was presented in this great production of the Three Hills Arts Academy, with Sheila Adkins as the Director.


Acting, choreography, gymnastics, humour, magic, emotional responses, thought provoking; whatever you may count “entertainment” there were elements of it in this show. You may be familiar with the story and the Disney movie version. I had seen it once some time ago, but not recalling it well enough to know what to expect. Therefore, I enjoyed it as a “fresh” presentation. The lines were new to me, so I could laugh or catch a pun, or appreciate a clever phrase, or get involved in the character development and plot as they happened. Overall it was just a great experience. One patron said that the “excitement” level experienced would probably mean she would have trouble getting to sleep afterwards.