Splash O' Talent performs Mama Mia

Splash O' Talent is a student drama club in Acme that is completely run by students, to which they do receive class credits. These students direct, choreograph, act, and basically own the entire production. The extent of adult involvement included minor supervision, help with props, ticket sales, some design elements, and technical support and of course, shelling out some cash to fill all the seats and tables on the performance evening.
The drama group for 2009/2010 consists of 14 students with Kacy Berry at the helm, with auditions for the musical, Mama Mia having started back in September. Two practices every week since, culminated in a dinner theatre performance Saturday evening, May 29.
The calibre of performance took many residents (and parents) by surprise and there was high praise aplenty for Kacy's directorial debut, her talent for choreography and her ability to keep these students on task and squeeze out of them such a fine performance. Finding the number of students from a fairly small school that are willing to put themselves out there and face some discomfort of singing, dancing, acting, and gender bending, never mind the sticky situation of feigning romance is a feat in itself, but it was the ease with which these students gave such a fine performance that is nothing less than astounding.
Brittany Miller had the defining vocals, cast as Donna, and there were moments when her vocal reach made a sound system redundant and other times, such as the duet with her daughter (played by Kacy) when the pure, clear tone of her lower range was like ice-cream for the ears. Another vocal highlight had to be the very tricky duet between Brittany and Jay with "SOS". While this duet could have been one of the best performances of the evening, "Does Your Mother Know" had to be among the funniest. The entire play was highlighted with spot on gags such as an all-male number in which they perform wearing swimming flippers and exit the stage with a penguin walk.
One of the best compliments that this group could receive, was that throughout the entire performance, every person in the audience was fully engaged. You just didn't want to take your eyes off them for fear of missing a single moment.
Best of luck to those students moving on and congratulations to all the cast: Kacy Berry, Masha Scheele, Rebekka Heyblom, Brittney Schmaltz, Delaney Malsbury, Brittany Miller, Natalie Miller, Jodi Berry, Ray Reimer, Kurt Johnson, Nick Edgecombe, Robbie Scott, Chris Miller and Dan Sawkins.