Dr. Dennis Punter retires from Prairie Bible Institute


Monday's staff and faculty appreciation and recognition of retiring college Dean Dennis Punter was more than smiles, handshakes, and cake.
Little wonder—after pouring himself into the school for seven intensive years, Dr. Punter proved that investing in the lives of others pays rich dividends.
This was evident as many, from every employee rank, used the open mic to point to how Dr. Punter touched their lives, either with helping hands or his constant words of calm encouragement. Aviation Director Jeff Plett said, "Rarely have I had such a supportive co-worker." College teacher Ritchie White said, "Dennis is one who reaches out to others" and fellow teacher Glenn Loewen said Dr. Punter well demonstrates what it means to be a man of prayer and faith.
Dennis and Linda Punter moved to Three Hills in 2003 so Dennis could teach at the college. That assignment evolved into administration and leadership and in the last year or so of change on campus, Dr. Punter temporarily wore several hats at the same time: Bible College Dean, vice president of education, interim PCAAT dean, and the go-to person while the Institute called a new president.
The Punters have purchased a home in Oyen where they will pastor a small church.
President Mark Maxwell thanked Dr. Punter "for the well-thought-out advice you have given to the school and to me."
Dr. Punter expressed gratitude for four employees who were key to his leadership ministry: Registrar Douglas Lewis, Professor Kevin Peters, and essential administrators Beth MacKenzie and Marion Greene.
President Maxwell complimented the Punter retirement by introducing a new college dean structure—"a Dean Team." This sees Kevin Peters as the lead Bible College Administrator with specialized assistance from Tim Fodor (academic program planning) and Douglas Lewis (academic implementation).