Trochu Town Council Report

At the June 25 Trochu Town Council meeting, it was decided that more discussion with the Arboretum is necessary in regard to costs of portable toilets, at roughly $450 per month or perhaps $2000 for the season. The initial bill was given to the Town for payment but Council was advised that it is not in the Town's budget, nor was it their decision to remove the washroom facilities. Administration confirmed to Council that the Trochu Neighbourhood Place bank reconciliation report to April 30, 2012 is about completed. "Have to account yet, for the last grant received. "No apparent problems resulted from a recent visit with health inspectors as Administration and Carl toured the inspector through any facility with kitchen amenities.
Information relayed at Council from Red Deer River Watershed indicates that there could be legal action forthcoming over the shut down of Gleniffer Lake Recreation area, due to recent contamination from the oil spill.
Council approved a motion to accept the tender of Shawne Excavating and Trucking for the sewer invert project at a price tag of $366,492.00
Council approved a motion that would allow 'outside' committees to utilize Trochu Council chambers as a meeting area, with a rental charge of $25.
Shelley Jackson gave Council the Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) annual review and 2011 report highlights. She advised Council that her and the FCSS staff would be able to help with any programs left vacant with the canceling of Neighbourhood Place, such as Trochu's Community Showcase. "We have a lot of experience with our own community 'Discovery Nights' and myself and Faye, (Community Resource) would be able to help Trochu. She introduced the new brochures that contain more details of the programs offered by FCSS.
The Mayor reported on Alberta Health Services, stating that from his discussion with Fire Chief Hogg, the service is being monitored but there seems to be no issues in this area. He also advised that the Trochu Golf Club now has a web site, that went online last week.
Councillors all seemed quite happy with the Jandel Homes recent open house in Trochu. The custom manufactured modular home being shown is in the $190,000 price range and Jandel will also be promoting something in a lower priced category. Clr. Lumley felt impressed as well with their overall commitment to the community and noted they were out taking 'promotional' photos of Trochu.
Clr. Warnock reported that the Town of Drumheller would be switching communications to a fibre optic transmission versus towers and Drumheller and District Solid Waste Management would be partnering.
Clr. Cunningham was very excited to report on the fun afternoon at TroVal last week. "There was something for every age." Highlights included the volunteer fire department, a dunk tank, sledgehammer to a wall, and a 'sock hop'.