Rink Reno Project receives funding


The Three Hills Curling Club is pleased to announce that it has received $75,000 from the Community Facility Enhancement Program to help replace the leaking roof on the building.
While matching funding goals have been met, some of that money will not be available until after the next Legion and Elks casinos. Therefore a campaign is to begin as soon as possible for corporate donations to get the project under way. Any of the new money raised can be applied toward future matching funds for replacing the heating system and further insulating the building.
"We are trying to make the building as energy efficient as possible," said building committee co-chairman Phil Johnson. "The new executive under president Rob Davidson is carrying on this plan from the previous executive. The idea is to reduce costs down the road to keep the building sustainable."
The final push for provincial funding was helped greatly by MLA Richard Marz and his office staff. It was the last of four various grants that the curlers had applied for and had been refused including one under the highly touted but elusive federal make-work program, RINC.
A curling executive meeting will be held shortly to explore the options in upgrading the insulation and installing the roof.
The upgrade is important not only for curlers but for the community groups that use the building.
Of note was the recent great success of the arts society's production of Beauty and the Beast, the Cruise Night dance sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and the growing popularity of the Farmers Market, which packs in shoppers for 22 straight Tuesday mornings.
"This is a community building and we can't forget that," Johnson said. "It costs us money year round to make it available for the many events outside the curling environment."
Companies and individuals wishing to donate are asked to contact Rob Davidson at 443-7513, Phil Johnson at 443-7069, club vice-president Jason Calhoun, treasurer Mark Trentham at 443-4400 or building committee members Darren Frere, Al Lammle or Bill Christie.