Three Hills Fire Hall officially dedicated


Residents of Three Hills and area gathered to celebrate the official opening of the new fire hall in Three Hills last Friday afternoon. Three Hills Fire Chief Art Creasser opened the ceremonies by introducing the honoured guests, Crowfoot Member of Parliament Kevin Sorenson, Olds/ Didsbury/Three Hils MLA Richard Marz, Mayor Kevin Edwards, and CEO Jack Ramsden.

Since 1957, to be exact, the volunteer firefighters of Three Hills have been stationed out of the old Fire Hall on 4th Ave. South. As the town grew, it became evident that the old hall was soon going to be outgrown. The lack of space was the motivation behind Art Creasser's talk of a new hall. Council supported the idea but the only hindrance would be funding. Luckily, all three levels of government stepped up, and building began in the Spring of 2009.
The Government of Canada contributed $650,000 from the Infrastructure Stimulus Fund for the new fire hall. MP Kevin Sorenson stated, "I can clearly see that this money was well spent." He went on to say that the building will not only serve as a fire hall, but as a training facility for the Three Hills Fire Department and for firefighters from surrounding communities.
Richard Marz pointed out the building incorporates LEED-certified, environment-friendly features. "This new fire hall supports the Alberta Government's plan to secure Alberta's future by building strong communities," and on that topic, he took a moment to thank the men and women, who will be working out of the new facility, for volunteering their time to help in this effort.
"The people who have waited longest for this fire hall to arrive of course, are the firefighters," said Mayor Kevin Edwards. He recalls the cramped, retired fire hall. "Our firefighters were willing to use it for many years, because they were dedicated to their mission of serving the people of Three Hills and surrounding area."
It can be deduced that the firefighters of Three Hills are more than deserving of their new facility, and as our mayor said, "God Bless our firefighters!"