Acme Councillors to answer resident's questions

Residents of the Village of Acme did not receive their requested public meeting but Council approved a motion at their July 26 Council meeting for all councillors to answer the 15 or so questions and present them to the public in written form by Wednesday, July 28. A copy of the "Q" & "A" form can be picked up at the Village office after the noon deadline. An attempt will be made to answer all the questions. All Councillors were sent the questions by email.
Kneehill County by-law officers have asked that Acme Council look over suggested amendments to their village by-laws. The amendments are an attempt to bring uniformity to each of the communities in which Kneehill County officers are contracted for enforcement.
A motion was approved to bring in Urban Systems (hopefully prior to Aug. 9), to begin the engineering for a sewer line project from Clarke Street to the Lagoon. Administration was successful in obtaining a government grant and Council is hoping this long-awaited project could finally get underway and completed before this winter's freeze up.
A form will be made available at the front counter of the Village office for any resident wishing to request a water meter replacement for a complaint issue.
A sale agreement for a lot on Main Street was stopped due to the potential building not being able to fit the lot size.
A motion to advertise with Q91 radio was defeated, while quotes and a decision for cement curbs at the cemetery was put on hold until Council's 2011 budget meeting. A request for hall keys was delayed until Council receives a list from the hall board on who and how many members have keys already.
Council wanted information on who was organizing the breakfast and related events for the August 24 Pink Ride for Cancer. The Village of Linden was also apparently helping Acme by doing a lunch for August 25. Events were not confirmed at this time.
Acme's next regular Council meeting is slated for August 9.