The Power of Community

There are times during a Community's lifetime when there is a risk of it losing its identity and cohesiveness. Residents in smaller Communities have to be prepared to pitch in and work for the good of their Community. Inevitably, more of the work is taken on by some than others. However it is critical to have a core of people who are prepared to take on that mantle.
That was never more evident than the way the people of Acme and Linden have worked to make their Community schools successful. Here are a few of the highlights:
Thirteen mostly residents or past residents of the two Communities donated their time this year to share their expertise with the Grade 10 class. Students were taught a range of subjects from how to manage money to writing a resume and had the opportunity to take field trips to some of the businesses in the Community such as Courtney Berg and Korova Feedlot.
The following donated their valuable time to make this program a success: Kurt Leinweber, Doug Price, Trish Hyshka, Mark Chambers, Al Price, Carrie Hunter, Val Parent, Jackie Daley, Isabelle Price, Amy Tetz, Larry Keet, Robert Visser and Sgt. Goulet from the Armed Forces. Not only are their efforts very much appreciated, but also the effort from Murray Huddle who not only worked to make this program a success but also took a group of teens to mean feat in itself! Also kudos to Gary Semotiuk for helping facilitate.
In addition to these classes, Matt Fox, an Engineer with Spartan Engineering, worked with four students who were interested in Engineering to give them a flavor of what their future holds if they want to pursue this career. Matt's donation of his time after work was a generous and selfless display we can all learn from.
Wendy Berreth and Sonya Jeninga worked hard as Presidents of the Parent Councils of the Acme and Linden Schools to help add improvements to the schools and search out opportunities to involve the Communities in-school projects.
It was not just the parents and adults who were involved. This year, in addition to the parents who generously donated their time to coach soccer, we also had several High School Students who coached. Des Toews, Kelsey Woods, Meagan Dick, Rob Toews, David Woolley and Amy Leinweber all coached from U6 to U10 and were a huge hit with the younger players.
We even had younger students getting involved in refereeing as well. Jordan Esau, Ryan Kung, Samara Neufeld, Hannah Lofthouse and Erin Stern all helped out in the middle or on the lines with our more experienced referees Joe and Justin.
I think everyone was very happy to see the next generation getting involved in Community activities and it bodes well for the future of our Community.
There have been numerous activities in the school, driven again by people helping out. Acme had another successful year in track, the play Mamma Mia was a great success, mostly due to the efforts of the students.
The strength of any community lies in its people getting involved. We are fortunate to live in a community that not only has a great tradition of involvement, but also where young people are also happy to pitch in.