So much Summer Fun, so little time



     Whitney Ramsden is the organizer and supervisor for Summer Fun 2010 in Three Hills. The name is obviously appropriate for this program. The "campers"as Whitney calls them, have been thoroughly enjoying themselves.
     Week one of Summer Fun was July 5-9th and the theme was "Super Heros." The children had the opportunity to ride on the fire trucks with the firefighters. Whitney's sister, Ms. Ramsden, is a teacher, and she came in to talk with the children about her job. The children went on a tour of the police station, and then finished the week off with a trip to a movie in Red Deer.
     Each week the children do a Glow Germ experiment, involving Glo Gel and a black light. The kids rub the "goop" on their hands and then Whitney reveals the germs with the black light. The simulated germs glow, and this helps the kids see where they need to pay most attention to when they're washing. Whitney instructs them on proper hand washing techniques to remove those "ucky" germs.
Spectacular Stupendous Sports Stars took place July 12-16. The campers invented their own sports. One group modified baseball by adding splash balls. Another had a version of human bowling, and the third group invented a new game of football that incorporates soccer nets. The Summer Fun leaders took the kids to the parks around town to play soccer and baseball. Whitney invited a dietician to teach the children about the importance of healthy eating, and they played a game of Nutrition Bingo.
     The third week was M-m-mad Science and Dino's, and ran from July 19-23. What would Dino week be without dinosaurs? The kids took a trip down to the Royal Tyrell Museum in Drumheller. Right after that awesome trip, they got to experience a day filled with science at the Telus Science Center in Calgary. Back at the arena, the campers made slime, volcanoes and Whitney even let them go crazy with a few cans of shaving cream.
     Currently, the Summer Fun program is in it's fourth week, with Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh My! The focus is exploring creatures, so Guzoo and Calgary Zoo trips are planned.
     This is a six week program, with only two weeks left. Accepted are children ages six-12. Summer Fun starts at 9 am and ends at 3pm. Children are asked to bring a bag lunch. It is Whitney's personal promise your child will go home happy, and completely played out.