In a previously report of Acme Council meeting, dated July 26, 2010 regarding a sale agreement for a lot on Main Street, the sale agreement was not stopped, but delayed, due to the proposed building not fitting lot size. Clr. Tersteeg requested that the lot go back to the Development Committee first, before being further reviewed by Council.
Regarding the sewer line and Clarke Street, Clr. Hannah explained there are no serious problems with the sewer line from the lagoon to Clarke Street and therefore, the Village can and should proceed with the Clark Street Project for the fall of 2010. The work will involve the water/sewer, chip seal, sidewalks, and curb/gutters. As the actual engineering had been done previously, the CAO was instructed to contact Urban Systems and request them to come to Acme, if possible by August 9, for a visual inspection of the plans and the work that is to be done. The Village has the grant dollars in place and are anxious to proceed.