Danielle McCook named Trochu Neighbourhood Place Coordinator



For nearly a decade, Trochu Neighbourhood Place(TNP) has been helping Trochu and the surrounding area. Since then, it has seen many changes, and the biggest one this year is the introduction of the new Coordinator, Danielle McCook. Danielle started in early June, and has already kicked things off with a whole new mandate.
Trochu Neighbourhood Place works in partnership with Kneehill Regional Family and Community Support Services to provide assistance to the communities of Trochu, Huxley, Rumsey, Torrington and Wimborne. This program is a great asset, and is a keystone in the initiative to build stronger communities.
For the next two years, Danielle and company have come up with goals for TNP to achieve. These are well planned, with specific outcomes they wish to see.
TNP aims to raise awareness of the need for more foster and adoptive homes, and to better support the local families that already exist as foster parents.
Danielle has assessed the number of day homes in the area, and is working to increase the accessibility of quality, affordable child care, especially in smaller areas, such as Rumsey.
Parent Link is another program Trochu Neighbourhood Place will be working with in order to assist parents. TNP intends on increasing awareness on healthy developmental milestones to parents with children up to age five. This also means hosting an event that would bring together important services for young children, like businesses related to health and mental health wellness.
For the Playschool staff in the Kneehill area, the program plans to increase their information on Early Childhood Development (ECD). They hope to make the staff aware of ECD resources and encourage them to take part in information sessions.
Once again working with the Kneehill Regional FCSS, Trochu Neighbourhood Place will continue to make progress in the effort of increasing the communities capacity and willingness to address issues of family violence and bullying. This includes presentations for students and their families.
Trochu is home to a lot of new Canadians. It is important they have access to the same local resources as other citizens, so it is TNP's goal to ensure they receive the help they need. Whether it be a simple list of emergency contact numbers, or resources needed to learn English.
Danielle will be organizing the Annual Flapjack Fiesta Community Showcase that will take place sometime in the fall. This event is all about discovering local businesses and service providers, and is held at the Trochu Community Hall.
For more information about Trochu Neighbourhood Place, contact Danielle by phone at 403-442-2839, or by email www.town.trochu.ab.ca and follow the link to Neighbourhood Place.