Kneehill County Council Report

At Kneehill County's July 27 meeting, a motion was approved to have Administration draft a by-law to remove the stop signs from the east-west direction of the four-way stop on the PBI road, two miles north of town at TWP 32-2 and RR 24-0. Traffic counts had been in effect at this intersection from June 28 to July 13. The original reasoning for installing the four-way stop no longer applies and there is an increase in flow east and west. To continue encouraging the use of this route, one Councillor noted, that they had to make it more convenient. Another Councillor however, was troubled that removing the four-way signs might cause initial confusion, with the signs having been there for so long. The opposing thoughts were representative of the motion voting, with two opposed.
The Reeve made a request of Operations to contact Alberta Transportation about the posting of speed signs along the stretch from Hwy. 21 into Swalwell. There seemed to be some confusion on what the speed is through that stretch, before entering the hamlet.
Operations reported that he has been receiving positive reports regarding the new playground equipment and park at Keiver's Lake. Council felt that a grand opening celebration for the park, to include project partners Three Hills Town Council could be held at 5:20 p.m., just before the Monday evening joint hearing with the Town.
Mayhew advised that the Kneehill portion of the Kirkpatrick WSA distribution line is basically finished other than one residential tie-in and flushing of the lines. The flushing has been delayed while the County awaits replacement pumps for the reservoir (sometime in September). The supplier though, will be sending a submersible pump in the coming week so that the balance of flushing can be completed. "I am very happy with the contractor on this project; they did an awesome job." Operations reported that of 33 replacements for meters, nine isolation valves ended up failing and he will be submitting a bill to the supplier for time lost. A motion to change the name of the 'Linden North Water Service Area' was approved (with opposition). The new name will be registered as 'Sunnyslope WSA' and will likely take about six months to become official.
The calcium applications of the 2010 dust control have been completed but due to moisture, spec crude applications have been delayed. Oil was booked for Friday, July 23 and then cancelled at 5:30 a.m. due to rain. Operations noted some trouble with an EnCana Line. "When our water department was out hydro-vacuuming an EnCana line (EnCana personnel were present), it was discovered that the yellow jacket on the pipeline had been split. This is not an emergency or Kneehill issue to fix, but it is a priority for EnCana to fix." Mayhew advised Council that he had given permission for EnCana, that while working on their line, if required, they can open the road so long as the road is put back properly. "Our road inspector is watching their progress." Operations reported on a 'high stream flow' advisory put into effect by Alberta Environment. Kneehill Creek is full as are others with various road issues resulting. "A portion of the Bigelow Dam road was closed due to water running over it." He advised that a meeting is being set up for potential improvements to the Bigelow Dam with Alberta Environment (they are responsible for bathrooms and parking lot), Alberta Conservation, Fish & Wildlife (pheasants in the area), and Ducks Unlimited.
Radio tower
A motion was approved to increase the budgeted $30,000 for replacement of the Sarcee Butte (Trochu area) 911 Radio Repeater Tower Project by an additional $7000 (extra funds from contingency). Spending these extra dollars for this project will save the County a potential $40,000 by eliminating the requirement for a new radio repeater system tower (in the Huxley area), and would also remedy the existing radio dead zones and paging problems. Approval has been received by the RCMP to continue with this project at their tower cite.
Advance poll
Council approved Monday, October 4, 2010 for the holding of an Advance Vote in the municipal election, with the voting station to be in the County Administration offices (for the hours between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.)
Council at its Strategic Planning session, directed Administration to look into and draft a policy to provide financial support to more of the County's rural community halls. Councillors looked at and approved the 'guidelines' for an annual basic operating assistance grant which placed halls in various levels (of three) dependent on their activity, which affected the basic grant. In level A is Huxley, Sunnyslope, Wimborne, Torrington, and Swalwell. In level B is Mt. Vernon and Three Hills Rural. In level C is Orkney, Hesketh and Ghost Pine, with the addition of Crossroads Hall, as requested by Clr. Hoppins.
Administration was instructed to work out a short lease with Huxley Historical Society to enable them to make improvements (on County land) with the ball diamond concession booth for kitchen and storage, and to also add playground equipment.
Clr. Long, in his Doctor Recruitment Committee report, advised Council that another doctor will be starting in November at the Trochu clinic. Another doctor that has visited the Three Hills area, along with two or three other communities, will make a decision when he returns from vacation.
Reeve Calhoun reported that she had been very impressed by the Drumheller Passion Play and would definitely go again. "I had no idea something of this caliber was so close to home."