Trochu Town Council Report

Trochu Council invited the Trochu & District Hall Board to Council's August 16 meeting to speak about a letter from a concerned citizen whose issue was having campers in the Hall parking lot. The citizen believed the camping caused an increase in noise levels and would detract from revenues at the Lions Campground. Hall Board members felt that allowing some camping in its parking lot was a convenience that was offered for those taking part in hall functions (that bring in revenue for the hall) such as weddings. The parking lot is not serviced but having campers that close to a function makes it easier for seniors to have a place to de-stress in between events and allows parents to check on napping youngsters. For some that convenience takes precedence over services. The Hall board does not advertise it as such, nor are they trying to take away revenue from the Lions. "We appreciate the Lions Campground and use it ourselves for functions. In fact, wedding or reunion invitations usually mention the Lions Campground." As for noise levels, members felt that music inside the hall can leak out some, but campers retiring for the night usually monitor the others around them, but if parties outside the hall (past a certain hour) do get obnoxiously loud and out of control then residents should be calling in the police as they would for any party. One of the members from the Hall Board also stated that the Fire Department can sometimes have campers on their lot during training seminars, and wondered how that was any different. One of the board members did mention however, that in the future, campers would be asked to park only on the gravel areas, mainly due to equipment jacks sometimes leaving permanent marks on the pavement, but an added benefit would be that (when referring to noise) they would be just that much farther away from residents. Council seemed to understand their viewpoint and thanked them for their time in coming to Council and explaining. Council also wondered if the Hall Board wanted to piggy back on the good pricing that the Town was getting regarding new Christmas decorations for poles. Board members seemed very enthused.
Trochu & District Agricultural Society also had a small delegation at Council to enquire about land for future events such as gymkhanas. They apprised Council of some of the problems they experienced with the event this year such as space and track safety for horses. The track cannot be grass. "We spoke with the Lions but after all the work and expense they've gone to, and how nice that area is, it would not be right to have them till it back up again." They were hoping that the Town might have some property that the Ag Society could utilize for future events and if suitable, perhaps build a pole barn or like facility to house the horses or livestock. Council was able to think of only one area in town that might be suitable and was 3 to 5 acres. The land was close to the meat packing operation and the campground. The Ag Society was advised to check out the property and see if it could work.
Council could see that preparations for the Wild Pink Yonder event were proceeding well. Clr. Hollidge advised that so far 133 bras had been dyed and there was more coming in. Clr. Cunningham was excited about the museum calendar. "There is less than a month left and the spaces are just about complete and looking very awesome. We expect to go to print in September and have it on sale for November. He also mentioned that Neighbourhood Place is thinking to organize a couple of events (perhaps a food event, and even a basketball camp week) as a way to get local people mingling with the Philippine Community members. There was a real concern as well for moving fast on affordable housing as another group are expected to arrive this fall (with another 20 or more kids for the school), and then another group will be arriving again next year.