Logos Bookstore is open for business

David Maxwell started dealing with books in Three Hills when the Prairie Book Room closed three years ago. No one knew where to get the textbooks for the College after that. David, who manages Logos Bookstore, in Calgary, was happy to provide the students with proper textbooks.
Before long, people were requesting that he bring more and more books here to Three Hills. He paid close attention to what people were asking for, and realized he was in a perfect position to make it happen. With the knowledge and experience that comes with managing his bookstore, in Calgary, David knows how to accommodate his business to adapt to the people of Three Hills. He has already brought in 225 books over the summer.
He wants this to be very different from the previous Prairie Book Room, as its main focus was the College. Logos Bookstore (Three Hills) is located in the Maxwell Center, and is a community driven bookstore, that includes Prairie and the community at large. It's unique, in that it allows people to have a say in the selection of books stocked.
Catalouges are available for the purpose of either selecting books for the bookstore, or special orders. Anyone is able to request books, and David will take every order into consideration. Special orders can be picked up, or delivered right to the homeowner's address.
In relation to the convenience of a local, flexible bookstore, David comments, "It makes no sense for people to have to drive to Calgary, when they can find it here."
The bookstore will be open Tuesday and Friday, 12pm-3pm, and Wednesday and Thursday, 10 am-1pm, starting September 20. Prior to the 20th, the hours of operation are dictated by the hours students are purchasing textbooks, which will mainly be 11am-2pm, and sometimes 9am-5pm. Logos works in conjunction with the coffee bar right next to it, and there will soon be a comfortable seating area where people can relax with coffee and a good book.
Cash, credit cards, and cheques are accepted at the bookstore, and all prices include G.S.T. New books are constantly arriving, and David plans to bring in at least 100 more titles, titles which the community can choose.