Trochu Council meets with Mesa Canada

Community To Celebrate CAO Retirement
Maureen Chalack worked as Trochu's Chief Administrative Officer for just over 17 years and a retirement party has been scheduled for February 28 at the Trochu Community Centre. It starts off with an invitation only dinner followed by an open house for the entire community at 7:30 p.m.
Approved Motions
Council considered making a motion to join the provincial multi-jurisidiction vehicle permitting - a system called TRAVIS (Transport Routing and Vehicle Information System). Roadata handles the permitting for the Province, for all transport applications. "It doesn't cost us anything," said Carl Peterson, interim CAO. "Before we pass a motion I will bring back more information."
With the retirement of Maureen, a motion was approved to appoint the acting (interim) CAO as Development Officer.
A motion was approved to relocate the Town's Community Garden to a specific town-owned lot. Another motion made this evening was to have Carl bring back to the next Council meeting a bylaw that actually repeals the Town's Business Licensing Bylaw. Clr. Lumley asked for clarification, believing the item was yet to receive full discussion at a strategic planning meeting. The Mayor was of the opinion that all of Council approved having the business licensing taken over by the Chamber, so he couldn't see the need for further discussion.
Council approved a motion to donate ice time at the arena for a 'School Resource Officer' event. The event will expose and/or teach skating/hockey skills to children who come out (some who don't usually participate in hockey school training). Youths who participate, teaching the skills, would qualify for leadership credits with the school.
Within the financial report, given by Maureen, a motion was made to have Maureen write a letter of thank you to Kneehill County for the generous grant unveiled to municipalities 'Regional Resource Urban Sustainability Grant'. She recommended that Council start initiating the application process for projects they want to apply for, to have it ready for the September deadline. The Town's lagoon project is likely a potential qualifier. A second motion came out of the report, to release $10,000 plus a specific amount of surplus funds to the Fire Department, as promised. "They are close now to having their own oxygen apparatus in their hall," said Maureen. She listed off over a dozen reserve accounts with various dollars still sitting in them that could be closed off or amalgamated. "I suggest at some point, gather them together."
Operations Report
Carl, in his role as Director of Operations, notified Council that the flooring has been installed at the Arboretum and a grand opening celebration of the new Interpretive Center (as well the 25th anniversary of the Arboretum) has been scheduled for June 21, 2014 as a wine and cheese party. The Arboretum is considering a change of the annual fundraiser supper. It has been at the Arboretum in the summer and consideration is being given to holding it inside the Community Centre during the spring or the winter months. Handicap parking signs are being requested for the parking lot areas, as well as some dusk to dawn lighting or motion sensor lighting for the garage area (to act as a deterrent to potential vandalism/theft).
Carl advised Council that he had been in contact with the company who supplied the Town with pole decorations, in regard to an artificial tree for the Town centre. Another community had a similar request and so the company would be looking into it.
A break in the snow, has operations removing the many snow piles that were pushed up, hoping to prevent issues with spring melt. Icy conditions are the norm at the moment. The new truck arrived on Jan. 30 and operators are studying the manuals and controls/features. A rep is to arrive within the week to show proper handling procedures and answer questions. The Dodge one ton has brakes once again and the new skid steer is scheduled to arrive mid February.
To be brought up at strategic planning is a schedule and strategy for repairs to the wells and well house. Replacement of valves will cost in excess of $9000. At the moment, a company was found that is making repairs to pressure relief valves for the Huxley Well House. "I sent in three valves which are enough for the operation of one well."
Due to concerns of potential for roof collapsing from the collection of snow, Carl is having the roofs of town facilities monitored for above average leaking. He doesn't see a need for worry at this point. A representative of Canadian Arena Products (Edmonton) has visited to identify arena's needs of board and glass replacement. Omni Sports (Calgary) will be visiting sometime in early February.
Mesa Canada
Maya Fransishyn of Mesa Canada met with Council this evening regarding funding for the board replacement project. Maya introduced herself to council and gave a little background on her time in Ottawa and her experience with grant funding. "The largest hurdle for Western Canada is knowing when the applications are coming out, as the federal government only opens an application for 30 days." One of the company's slogans is "We bring Ottawa to you..." Mesa Canada specializes in assisting with funds for projects through Provincial, Private, and Federal funds. "You increase your chances for application success by 75%. Your community is advised of all upcoming federal applications to help mix and match different forms of funding. We ensure your community accesses the funds that are available today through well-crafted applications for tomorrow's projects." Mesa has been a company for over eight years, and Maya has been with the company for four years. She described the 'point' system based on key words used in an application.
Mesa Canada asks for a minor up front $900 retainer fee, and a community is encouraged to keep them on for at least two years or more. The company receives a percentage of grant dollars collected. "We don't charge much until we deliver; it further motivates us."