Family Day: A great opportunity to connect

Family Day, February 17, 2014 is a great opportunity to connect with your family. When children are asked, "What makes a happy family?" they responded "Doing things together!" It may seem so obvious that it gets overlooked, but doing things together as a family builds family strengths. Family Day is also a chance to connect with our neighbors, our friends and our community as research is showing social connections are a protective factor that can support and build resilience in children, youth, families, seniors and the community as a whole.
The act does not need to be big to make a difference.
By getting out and getting active with your kids, you help them be the best they can be.
By listening and providing support to other parents, you are a better parent to your own kids.
By starting a neighborhood project, you can build unexpected friendships.
By getting together with friends; you can stay healthy and happy.
By connecting with neighbors, family and friends, you create a better environment for your kids.
By reading, playing and talking with your kids, you can help them develop to their full potential.
By taking five minutes to chat with your neighbors, you can build a connected community.
Most of these things you are doing already but when life gets busy they sometimes slip down our priority list.  These small acts are shown to increase quality of life, our sense of belonging and our feeling of happiness. This Family Day, take a little time to connect to those around you as "Small Acts Matter".