County residents attend Integrated Community Sustainability Plan meeting

Kneehill County residents turned out to voice their opinions on Integrated Community Sustainability Plan meetings held in Huxley and Swalwell last week.
An Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP) is a Federal and Provincial initiative that encourages municipalities to indentify long-term community objectives and goals. Those goals and objectives would then be evaluated using five factors or "pillars". The five pillars are Environmental, Economical, Social, Cultural and Governance.
"This type of plan is intended to be an overarching, long-term community plan that will attempt to maximize economic and social benefits without depleting community, environmental or natural resources." explained Brenda Hoskin, of Hoskin Planning & Development Services Inc., the consultant who hosted the meetings on behalf of the County, "It's a look at the big picture."
An added feature of the ICSP will be that Kneehill County will be able to access grants available through the Gas Tax Fund (GTF) to support municipal infrastructure. "The Plan will show to the Federal and Alberta governments that County projects will be considered in view of the five pillars of sustainability.  Our goal is to continue to promote prosperity in our community while ensuring that we are environmentally responsible and protective of our resources," said Reeve Carol Calhoun.
Those in attendance were given a questionnaire asking for their views and input on a variety of ICSP issues. Several of the attendees requested that more County residents be given the opportunity to participate by filling-out the questionnaire. Copies of an overview of the ICSP presentation and the questionnaire will be available from the County Office or on its website at until September 14, 2010.  Those interested in giving their feedback are asked to return the questionnaires by September 15, 2010. The information will be collected with other data and combined into a single document for Council to review.