Three Hills Town Council hears delegation

Three Hills Town Council heard concerns from Three Hills Super 8 Manager Mark Hosking at Monday's regular meeting.
Super 8 is responsible for the purchase and application of calcium chloride to its west truck lot in order to help control dust. According to Mark, no other businesses in town are forced to do the same thing.
Mr. Hosking produced photos showing dust blowing from other area businesses. He also mentioned that a Three Hills RCMP Officer had approached him and stated that the product created a slippery hazard on Highway 583 as traffic proceeded eastbound and approached the stop sign at the Highway 21 intersection. "We feel it's unfair," said Mark. "How do we appeal this?"
Mark was instructed by Council that he needed to make an Appeal to the Subdivision Development Appeal Board.
Following further discussion by Council, it was decided that should the Appeal be made by Super 8, Council will recommend the condition of dust control be lifted on the basis of fair business practice.
Following a closed session, Council accepted an offer for the purchase of five lots by Studios Alberta Ltd. The lots will accommodate the construction of self-contained studio apartments, about 325 sq. ft. each, primarily for individuals receiving Alberta Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH) assistance. Currently there are 60 AISH recipients in Kneehill County, 47 of those individuals live in Three Hills.
In Council reports, Susan Friesen stated that things are going "flat out" on the Affordable Housing Project. Costs are in and look good. There are eight applicants for units right now with more to come. There is a public meeting at Centennial Place at 7 pm on September 16 in the main floor meeting room.
Some Grantville residents have aired concern over the delays in the Grantville project. The project was slowed due to changes in the ditch along the east side of 12th Ave. Concerns include the installation of a culvert system with catch basins that are now ready to be installed. The Telus lines were not deep enough and ATCO Electric has to install their conduit lines. The curb and gutter on the east side of 12th Ave. has been eliminated. The project is on budget and the Town will be delivering an update, door-to-door, to Grantville residents.
The Town of Three Hills will write a letter to the Three HiIls Child Care Society expressing their congratulations for a job well done and their desire to turn over the license to them in one year providing that the Town is assured that proper financial procedures and accountabilities are in place and are being followed.
Ed Stephan has been appointed to the Three Hills Municipal Library Board for a three-year term (eligible to be appointed for two additional consecutive terms) commencing immediately.