The Race is on for Election 2010

Nomination Day has come and gone for General Election 2010. The following is the official line-up for each community within Kneehill County, Kneehill County Division Candidates, and Golden Hills School Division candidates for all wards.
In Kneehill County, all incumbents are acclaimed. For Division 1, Brian Holsworth, Division 2 Carol Calhoun, Division 3 Jerry Wittstock, Division 4 Glen Keiver, Division 5 Bob Long, Division 6 Ken Hoppins, Division 7 Robert L. Painter. Reeve to be elected from within Council.
The Village of Acme has seven candidates, with two incumbents, Dennis Kuiken and John Tersteeg. The new candidates are Robert Kesler, Leona Dekoter, Bruce McLeod, Fred Theaker and Glen Harding. Mayor to be elected from within Council
The acclaimed candidates from the Village of Carbon are Dan Pederson (incumbent), Shirley D. Buyer (incumbent), Valorie Reed (incumbent) and Michael Still and Richard Ekman as the two new candidates. Mayor to be elected from within Council.
The Village of Linden received seven nominations, with five returning candidates. Annon Hovde, Darwyn Moon, Florence Robinson, Leslie Hibbs and Vanessa Van der Meer are all incumbents. The two new candidates are Julie Hillis and Michelle Peckman.
Town of Trochu has a list of 10 candidates, with six incumbents. The six are Kevin Helmer, Chris Reeds, Bill Cunningham, Barry Kletke, Darcy Wagstaff, and Cheryl Hollidge. The four new candidates for Trochu are Cheryl Lumley, Valerie Warnock, Donald Portz and Darla Gagyi. Mayor to be elected from within Council.
The Town of Three Hills Mayor Elect is Timothy J. Shearlaw. The nine candidates for position of councillor are incumbents, Harold Leo and David Nadeau, and seven new candidates, Al Campbell, Terry Ann Diack, Ronald Howe, Terry Lee, Daryl Notter, Vernon Wiebe, and Troy Yeaman.
For the Golden Hills School Division, Two nominations were received for Ward 1: Barry Kletke and Larry Maerz.
David Price has acclaimed the position for Ward 2. Karen Harries acclaimed the position of Ward 3. Three nominations received for Ward 4, Joyce Bazant, Janet Bolinger, and Larry Tucker. Three nominations were received for Ward 5, Corey Fisher, Shelly Neal, and Robert P. McKay.