Councillors mark Keiver's Lake joint development



Kneehill County and the Town of Three Hills cooperated on a Municipal Sponsorship Program grant (now in its final year) that benefited both communities. It allowed for the provision of walking trails for the residents of Three Hills and playground equipment for the enjoyment of campers at Keiver's Lake.
Last year, Three Hills combined dollars from a few grants for the development of their trail system. From the Municipal Sponsorship Grant, however, they received $94,000 in funding, with cooperation from Kneehill County.
This past year, the County, in cooperation with Three Hills, was able to purchase and install playground equipment at Keiver's Lake Park with their grant. The development of the playground, which includes a sport court (for teens), has been very popular. The grant for this particular project was approximately $124,000. When the two municipalities discussed the two separate projects on which to base their application for grant funding, neither community had any objections. The Town believed that the County's project was close enough to Three Hills to be of benefit to its own residents wanting to picnic for the day or for overnight camping. Keiver's Lake is actually a popular area for many of the Town's residents.
The Mayor and Reeve, as well as Councillors and Administrators from both municipalities, met at Keiver's Lake to look over the equipment and celebrate the benefits of co-operation.