Three Hills & Area welcomes Dr. Luke Savage and family



Three Hills and area is proud to welcome Dr. Luke Savage and his family to our community.
An Alberta boy, Luke was born in Fort McMurray, AB, and later moved to Leduc, and then Cochrane. He started his schooling at the University of Calgary, where he graduated, with Honours, with a Bachelor of Kinesiology. He then moved to Edmonton to continue his education at the University of Alberta. After completing his Doctor of Medicine, and Family Medicine Residency Training in June of this year, he began his career as a locum, (someone who fills in for other doctors), in small towns around the province. Married, with a one and a half year old son, he and his wife are expecting another baby in early October.
Dr. Savage is a qualified General Practitioner, and will be working out of the Three Hills Medical Clinic for at least the next three years. He will be starting a new practice, which means he will be taking new patients. Dr. Savage will not be taking over patients for Dr. Husband or Dr. Swinton, so unfortunately, there will still be people without a family physician.
To make this a non-issue, physicians are being actively recruited. Due to the shortage of doctors, the municipalities of Kneehill formed the Recruitment Committee, in an effort to recruit and retain doctors in the area. This committee of about 20 people is made up of representatives from each of the Kneehill municipalities, the Three Hills Medical Clinic, St. Mary's Trochu, and citizens at large.
The Recruitment Committee meets once a month to stay current on the status of new doctors, potential doctors, and the growing need for doctors. Dr. Reedyk plays a key role in the recruiting process, as he is experienced, and more than qualified to pick through resumes, evaluate, and assess which physicians would be best suited for our community. Dr. Dada has also become a fundamental part of this project.
Once the doctors arrive in our community, the Committee greets them, and takes on the responsibility of introducing them to their new locality. If necessary, the Committee will help with costs of accommodation, and see that they have adequate transportation.
Bob Long, Chairman of the Recruitment Committee, talks about the work of the group, "I can't say enough about the overall team effort. It's really been a boom that our municipalities have bought into."
Right now, the members of the Committee are looking to recruit two to four more doctors for the area.