Splash Park/Wading Pool named "Rob Naylor Water Park"

The new Wading Pool and Splash Park in the Town of Three Hills will be named the "Rob Naylor Water Park".
Mayor Kevin Edwards read the motion as follows:
Moved by Mayor and Council for the Town of Three Hills that
Whereas the community of Three Hills mourns the recent and untimely passing of Deputy Mayor Rob Naylor;
And Whereas the people of Three Hills remember with gratitude the selfless, gracious and caring manner in which Mr. Naylor lifted them up without fail in the many ways and on the many occasions he touched their lives;
And Whereas the community wishes to collectively commemorate Mr. Naylor's deep devotion to his students, fellow teachers, professional colleagues, friends and the residents of Three Hills;
And Whereas the people of Three Hills wish to celebrate Mr. Naylor's eminent qualities of character and lifetime of accomplishment and service that have irrevocably established his enduring and inspirational legacy;
And Whereas Mr. Naylor is remembered especially for his intense and abiding love for his family and his grandchildren, and how that propelled his particular interest in seeing a wading pool and splash park provided in Three Hills for the enjoyment of all families and all children;
Now Therefore Be It Resolved that Council for the Town of Three Hills, upon due consideration and with a celebratory spirit expressed in concert with members of the whole community, place a permanent marker at the newly-constructed wading pool and splash park in the Town of Three Hills, naming it the Rob Naylor Water Park.
As Council winds down, nearing the end of its three-year term, Council Service Awards were presented.
Mayor Kevin Edwards was honoured for his 12 years of dedicated service, Ron Wilson - 18 years, David Nadeau - three years, Harold Leo - six years, Susan Friesen - three years. Deputy Mayor Rob Naylor was completing his sixth year on Council at the time of his passing.
Councillor Susan Friesen reported at the September 13 regular meeting that the Affordable Housing Project was going "Flat out".
Monday night Council heard that two separate applications for funding have been made to the province because there are two types of units involved. This includes eight non-equity (rental or rent to own units) and 15 perpetually affordable ownership units. The total amount of the grant funding being requested is $3,620,638.00.
Applications from interested families now stands at about 18. About one third of the applicants, so far, are from surrounding communities.
Working drawings are slated for March 2011 with construction to commence in May 2011 with substantial completion by October 2011.
Consultants were provided with a list of local contractors and Linalta Construction was selected. Local trades people have been asked to submit preliminary quotes.
Councillor Harold Leo presented a report for the September 23 Community Action Committee (Police Liaison) meeting.
Vandalism continues to be an issue with the Three Hills RCMP Detachment area. Sgt. Joe Sangster reinforced the need to immediately repair vandalism so that the vandal does not have the opportunity to boast about the damage (paint over graffiti, repair broken windows, repair overturned planters, etc.)
A suspect is in remand in Calgary charged on 29 counts for auto theft following recent car thefts and related thefts from vehicles in Three Hills and area.
Sgt. Sangster reports that mountain bike patrols have been effective in making police presence more evident at public events and around schools.
The School Resource Officer Program continues to be successful in Delburne, Elnora and Trochu.
Traffic infractions such as speed, seatbelts and distracted driving continue to be enforced vigorously. All numbered Highways (583, 582, 27, etc.) will see regular patrols and enforcement will be zero tolerance, tickets on first offence.
There will be intensified traffic on Highway 21 for the next several months due to the construction of wind turbines. Heavy truck traffic will add to congestion on the Highway 21 corridor consisting of gravel trucks, transport trucks, etc.
A very positive report comes from the September 22 meeting of the Kneehill Regional Doctor Recruitment and Retention Task Force.
Transition has been quick and successful with new physicians in the clinic.
All physicians are assisting with recruitment efforts within their personal networks. There are several prospective candidates at the "strong interest/negotiation" stage. It was added that patient care was not compromised in our area because our clinic worked effectively to attract Locum Physicians. The "unofficial" word among residents and Locums is that Three Hills is a very desirable community in which to work.
In other Council business, the Town's Centennial Arena Meeting Room fee schedule has been amended to $12.50 per hour for one room for all non-profit group users.
The Town of Three Hills will apply for Grant Funding available to facilitate Phase Two of the Walking Trails from Kneehill County's Capital Fund Program. Phase Two will add 2.5 km of new walking paths.
Mayor Edwards reports that there have been 230 new members registered at the Three Hills Municipal  Library since membership fees were waived.
Concern was noted over weather causing delays in the Grantville project.
Numerous projects in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba are running out of time, because of weather, to accommodate deadlines set out by the Federal Government concerning "Building Canada Fund" grants. As it stands, projects must be completed by March 2011. Council hopes to see an extension is granted. Crowfoot MP Kevin Sorenson has been made aware of the situation.