Tools for School meets increasing demand

Thanks to the generous support of Kneehill area residents, Kneehill Regional Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) was able to meet the demands of 32 families / 60 backpacks through the Tools for School program. This was an increase from last year's 40 backpacks. A large increase in donations was also seen this year, both in supplies and in cash donations. The increase in cash donations was in part due to Kneehill Regional FCSS's ability to provide tax deductible receipts.
Special thanks to Three Hills' Children Theatre, Trochu Baptist Church, and Trochu 2010 Grad Class for their generous donations, as well as to the many residents in Kneehill area who donated to this worthy cause.
The Tools for School program runs all year long. If you need assistance, or would like to donate, contact 443-3800 or for more details.