Linden Fire and Rescue receives new Tanker Truck

Kneehill County Reeve, Carol Calhoun, Linden Fire Chief, Jeremy Regehr, and Regional Fire Coordinator, Niall Sharpe officially welcomed Linden's new tanker into the fold.
The tanker holds 3000 gallons of water and pumps at 1000 gallons per minute. It is the first custom cab for this region, and seats six firefighters. Both, the County with its major monetary contribution, and the volunteer firefighters through their own fundraising efforts, have a lot to be proud of. It boasts 515 horsepower (where usual hp is around 300 or 400), and the pump controls are incorporated into the unit, just behind the cab. "This is becoming a standard feature for rural fire trucks as we don't have the luxury of being able to afford or house multiple trucks. One of our trucks has to perform the role of many." Older trucks are sold off while one is always held back as a spare and for training purposes.
Kneehill County's next truck on the list is a tanker for Trochu, coming due next year. "I think there is a three-year gap after that," said Niall.