Discovery Nights held in Carbon and Acme



Carbon Community Discovery and Volunteer Recognition Night, held March 3, had 33 organizations represented and 118 participants. The event is organized by Kneehill Regional FCSS and the Village of Carbon. The Village supplied free hamburgers, hot dogs and doughnuts for the evening to show appreciation to the many area formal and informal volunteers.
Acme Community Discovery and Sport Registration night, held March 5, had 36 exhibitors and 124 attendees. This event was organized by Kneehill Regional FCSS and was funded by the Village of Acme. The Acme Hall Board supplied popcorn and pop and served free hot dogs donated by the Acme Elks. These wonderful snacks along with the great weather helped to increase attendance this year over last.
Both events were successful and Kneehill Regional FCSS is confident that their outcome to increase awareness of organizations and helping agencies was accomplished. The sport registrations tables at both events were kept very busy throughout the evening. Much social connecting took place at the community discovery nights and this is a major contributing factor to strong and healthy communities.