Kneehill County Council Report

Pete McRae who has been looking after Operations for the County (since the departure of Rob Mayhew), reported at Council's Oct. 14 meeting that the Selkirk Water Service Area (WSA) has experienced delays due to weather. "The contractor has been rained out for a total of 19 days to date." He advised that Chinook Pipelines and Spider Plow were shut down for Thanksgiving but weather permitting, Spider Plow should complete its work by the end of October. There were currently three to four drill units and eight trackhoes working. Completed as of Oct. 10, were 144 kms of plowing (76%), and 18 of the 24 kms of drilling. Service connections were 13% complete and valves were 24% complete. The reservoir is 95% complete.
As for Kirkpatrick WSA, the engineering firm has been creating a log of all the unkept promises regarding the shipment of the pumps, the latest promise being that it will be shipped from Texas on October 22, with arrival to Kneehill in early November.
Council moved to hold an open house for the Sunnyslope WSA, tentatively for November 29 (alternate date Nov. 30) at Sunnyslope Hall. Brochures for this area were mailed out the end of September.
A tentative completion date for road work on Allingham Road is for the end of October. The road will stay closed until then. The west end has been based and primed and the new road alignment on the east side, close to completion. Base work for curves begins third week of October with paving to commence on the following week. Due to all the recent moisture, a slide occurred at 'Edwards', land location SE 29-30-23 W4. Allan Meding fixed this issue October 7, 2010. Paving was finished at Horseshoe Canyon on October 2. "The drainage culvert issue is being repaired by a sub contractor."
The first complete wind tower of Nexterra Energy went up on Tuesday, October 5. Pete advised that although no road had been upgraded, Nexterra had applied lots of gravel to various range roads.
With regard to a ratepayer request regarding the selling of road allowance, Council will keep to its current policy and not sell any road allowance. Another question was in regard to the removal of guard rails for construction work on curves near Kirkpatrick/ Nacmine. Operations said he would speak with Transportation to be sure the Province is replacing them.
The County is hosting a one-day orientation for municipal councilors elected in Kneehill. It will be held November 3 at the Trochu Community Centre, featuring Russ Farmer. Cost is $150 per participant.