County donates $20,000 toward First Village School move

Bill Zens Reeve Long

Kneehill County Council held its regular meeting Nov. 22, 2016.
Huxley Bulk Water Station closes
John McKiernan, Manager of Environmental Services investigated possible solutions for staying compliant with the water diversion license in Huxley. During the budget process at a previous meeting, Council had a discussion on the possibility of increasing the water diversion license within the Hamlet of Huxley due to exceeding the specified yearly allocation. A hydrological study was proposed to provide information. The yearly amount of water diverted from the aquifer through the Huxley groundwater well showed that not having an active Bulk water station would have the most potential as an easier fix to allow the County compliance. The yearly allocation for the well is 7,273 m3. The licensed amount was exceeded in 2010, 2011, 2014, and 2015 and was close to the line in 2012, and 2013. It was noted that the closure of the bulk water station would lessen the amount of water diverted for the flushing of the distribution lines within the Hamlet, to clear up aesthetic issues (clarity of potable water) created by the fill station. The County operates two other bulk fill stations (Trochu and Torrington) that could serve. It is the general practice to close the Huxley bulk water station from October to May of each year and so keeping it closed would not create any operational issues, other than keeping it protected. The infrastructure could be left intact at the pumphouse. Council approved a motion to close the bulk water station within the Hamlet of Huxley and direct users to other County operated bulk water stations.
Parks, Agricultural Services - Arthurvale Cemetery
Shelby Sherwick was appointed as Weed, Pest and Soil Conservation Inspector for Kneehill County.
A request has been made for the County to take over ownership of the Arthurvale Cemetery by Mr. Barrie Vickery (sole caretaker of the cemetery for almost 30 years). The cemetery was established in 1907 and is located in the extreme north of the County at NE-36-34-25 W4 and is owned by St. Hilda’s Anglican Church (Arthurvale Cemetery Fund). There are currently 143 residents in the two-acre parcel. The County has been performing maintenance of the property since at least 1978 and began to charge an annual service fee of $200 in 1991, which is still current. Council was advised that if the County assumes the property into its existing cemetery program the costs would include a one time fee of $4500 (for legal land survey and boundary monument) and $7500 (pin plots with a land surveyor), along with administrative costs to digitize and collate records, and map and incorporate the cemetery into the County’s software and records program. Total estimated costs were placed at about $21,000 or slightly less. Councillors raised concerns, however, with the inclusion of the still active church building and its need for regular maintenance. “I am hesitant,” said Clr. Holsworth “about taking on the building if we do adopt the cemetery.” He also had a concern about the number of cemeteries in the County and the precedent this one would set. “It’s only a part of the equation.” The site, itself, will require regular mowing, trees and fence work. Mr. Clausen, Manager of Parks and Ag Services, felt that the site could be eligible for heritage grants.
The cemetery does carry the required perpetual care fund, and the amount of $1869 would transfer to the County. Also in this fund is $4500 that was granted to the Cemetery fund for surveying and pinning new plots in the expansion area. These grant dollars would be returned to the County to carry on with that objective. Council tabled any decision on this matter until management could bring more information to the next meeting, to investigate the policies in place and list all the cemeteries.
Financial Requests
The Drumheller Institution is producing a 50th Anniversary book and Kneehill County received a request from the Administration of the Institution to purchase celebration ads. Costs range from $45 (1/4 page) to $165 (full page). Council approved a donation in the amount of $45. The date of September 9, 2017 was given for the celebration event.
Kneehill Area Wellness Centre provided Council with the requested breakdown of financial support that the County has provided to the Wellness Centre in the past. In February 2012, the donation was for $1500 per year for three years. In July 2014 a motion was approved to provide the $1500 per year for another three years (starting in 2015 and ending in 2017). In October, 2015 there was a one time donation of $2500. Council was provided with Balance sheets to the end of 2015, Profit and Loss statement and 2016 proposed budget. Expenses come in at $35,500 with rent at $18,000 and utilities, phone and internet combined at $9700.
A motion was made to receive this report as information as there is already dollars in place for 2017.
Council received a request from Prairie Christian Academy for funds to help offset the costs of hosting 2A Basketball Provincials on March 15-18, 2017 in Three Hills. Council approved a donation of $500.
The Royal Canadian Legion Military Service Recognition Book made their annual request to the County for a donation. Council has given support since 2008 with an advertisement message. Council approved a business card size ad for $275 in support of the Annual Alberta/Northwest Territory Royal Canadian Legion ‘Military Service Recognition Book’.
Committee Reports
Clr. Painter reported on a Nov. 3 Community Action Committee Meeting. Clr. Painter is the only new member on the board. There is no answer back yet regarding the grant application for a Community Resource Officer. The community of Delburne has experienced a notable number of break and enters and will start up a crime watch group with the hope that the entire detachment area will become involved as well. There has been some crimes reported for fuel thefts within the County, including fuel being siphoned from combines left in fields. The Three Hills Regional Bylaw Officer is now also doing services for the Village of Linden.
Council received the 2016 Annual Briefing Report of SAEWA - Southern Alberta Energy from Waste Association, “a coalition of waste management jurisdictions with an interest in implementing technologies to recover energy from residual waste and reduce long-term reliance on landfill disposal.” It has a membership of over 60 municipalities, including 12 waste authorities and commissions (outside of the three large urban centers). The report includes a message from the Chairman, Background, Road Map going forward, a Summary, membership waste footprint map, and forward looking statements. Council had no discussion on the matter and received the SAEWA report as information.