Help change Ruben's life



You will have seen this boy's face on the collection tins on the tills at Three Hills IGA. The money being donated through the tins is being sent to a charity and it is used to feed children in the impoverished country of Nicaragua.
Last spring 13 people from Three Hills had the privilege of helping out at the program and that is where the picture was taken.
So who is the boy?
His name is Ruben and he is from a family of 10 children. Each morning he gets up early to help prepare the tortillas that he and his siblings will sell later in the day. The little money they will make cannot pay the bills and often the children go hungry, even while selling food to others in the evening. Thanks to the feeding program, Rueben gets one good meal a day and is also able to attend school for during the week. By donating your spare change this Christmas you will make a lasting difference in Ruben's life.
If you would like more information on Ruben and Nicaragua you can email