Bethlehem Walk attracts almost 2,000



Oh Little Town of Bethlehem, how still we see thee lie...might be a favorite line from a carol but the Bethlehem that was presented to Three Hills these last two weekends was anything but still.
A census taker greeted you at the village gate to make sure you were counted. The town well was a busy place with water being drawn, beggars asking for alms, and a few Romans playing dice. The market started with the tax collectors who made sure everything was taxed, the basket sellers and brass sellers vying for top voice as they called out their wares. The emporium was busy, smelling of cinnamon and pepper as she ground them fresh for you. The fabric seller was too busy to talk as she sewed gowns for Caesar's wife, and then the weaver creating beautiful but functional cloth. Around the corner you would find the carpenter and the blacksmith patiently (or maybe not always) teaching their young apprentices the trades. The shepherds could be found outside keeping watch over their flocks by night.
The synagogue would be your next stop as the priest was there to welcome you with his robes and scrolls. Around the next corner you would find the scribes teaching the alphabet across from the potter and her wheel. The baker has set up a store to sell her fresh bread beside the produce hawker and her fresh fruit. Across the aisle were the fish seller and his lovely wife trying to sell their catch of the day. You not only can see Bethlehem but you also hear it, the bleating of the goats or the he- haw of the donkey, or maybe even a flute playing a melody, as you finally arrive at the inn where the inn-keeper let's you know that there is no room. The last place available was taken by a young couple who bedded down in the stable and where they have laid their babe, the Christ, our Savior, in the manger.
Bethlehem Walk was presented as a free gift to the community by Prairie Tabernacle, Manor Gospel Church and Mount Olive Church. Close to 2000 people took the Walk through Bethlehem over both weekends. Over 130 people were dressed as people from that time period with many others volunteering time to set up and take down.
Thank you to the local businesses that supported this presentation and may everyone remember the Reason for the Season and Blessing on you all!