Three Hills School Youth Forum held

On February 23, 2011 our Grade 10 Social Studies students had an exciting opportunity to participate in a meaningful community planning experience! Students were able to exercise their roles as responsible, active citizens by participating in an important community discussion. Many students discovered how their opinions and insights will help inform a community needs assessment and ultimately enhance social wellness within our community.
The day consisted of students being divided into six smaller groups.Each group answered questions providing input into the state of social wellness in Three Hills. These questions were on a range of topics including communication, inclusion, social wellness, general services, well-being, and Three Hills. Throughout the day, many exciting, innovative ideas were voiced and students really felt that they had an opportunity to share their honest opinions about social wellness in our community.
Our school was first presented this opportunity by our school's FCSS resource worker Mrs. Yvonne Wilson who also serves on the Social Wellness Committee. For the past six months, the Social Wellness Committee of Three Hills has been developing a needs assessment for the community. A critical part of this development is involving everyone's opinion in the community. The committee feels it is important to hear the voices of youth that currently reside in Three Hills as they have valued opinions and insights into the future of our community.
The Social Wellness Committee has been working with Red Deer College psychology professor, Dr. Scott Odie and a few of his students from to develop the needs assessment. One of his students Tristin Laramee helped to organize the day and facilitate sessions. She will also be working with Dr. Odie to compile and organize the data for the Social Wellness Committee. She was also accompanied by Rayna Newton and Amanda Krejci who helped to facilitate discussion groups.
We were fortunate to have the time and talents of Alanna Frere, Harold Leo, and Tracey Gorr from the Town of Three Hills and the Social Wellness Committee to facilitate the discussion groups. It was exciting for students to be engaged in meaningful public participation and to feel that their voices make a difference in our community.