Kneehill County Council Update

At their regular,  February 22 meeting, Kneehill County Councillors considered the implications of three separate items, requested by Trochu Council to be placed on the agenda for funding discussions at the upcoming March 9 Regional Summit meeting, namely 'Seniors Outreach Community Relations Coordinator position', 'Kneehill Arts Alive', and 'Grant Writer Project'. Trochu Council felt "these are regional initiatives that should be discussed regionally". The coordinator position was created in September 2010 is for the Trochu Community, to be shared with Torrington, Huxley and rural areas, and the funding request is for $4380. "We understand a similar request was made for the Seniors Outreach Community Relations Coordinator in the southern portion of the County." Reviewing this item, County Council realized this was a shortfall in the FCSS budget after the fact of two positions that were created. The big question was whether all the municipalities were to "cover these deficits when initial funding comes through FCSS, which each community supports." Kneehill Arts Alive was also looking for funding from the Town of Trochu in the amount of $2000, which was originally initiated in Three Hills with its sole monetary support coming from the Town of Three Hills. In 2009 the Regional Summit allotted $20,000 for the grant writer project, a position that started that June, and contributed another $20,000 for the year of 2010. The Town of Trochu provided additional funding (a portion of MSI funding) for the grant writer to become a full-time position. The Town of Trochu stated that it was not prepared to continue with its funding and without funding, the position would cease on May 31, 2011. The Town was still willing to manage the project, if it found funding, but recommended that the grant writer visit each community at least one or two days per month. Kneehill County Councillors were of the opinion that "if we are going to support this kind of thing at the Summit level, then we need to re-look at the initial position of the Summit. Is it time for a shift in our policy?"
Use of Skype
County Council is considering the use of Skype for group video calling for the use of Councillors unable to attend a Council meeting(s) due to health or vacation. With the use of the Councillor's laptop, the video calling feature, could allow for a quorum at all times for meetings. Although Councillors would be able to take part in discussion and even vote on issues, one drawback would certainly be no participating of 'in-camera' sessions, (due to privacy/security concerns). Council accepted the information and tabled further discussion for Strategic Planning meeting.
As a result of previous discussion regarding black dirt trails located near the Three Hills Colony on RR24-3, a motion was made (with one opposed) to upgrade a remaining 1-mile portion of RR 24-3 to a standard road (versus a blade grade), utilizing a contractor. Much of the discussion was prompted by having a one-mile portion of road vastly different from the rest of the same road, along with cost differences of between $50,000 (blade grade) and $200,000 (local/standard road).
Council approved a cash donation of $100 to the Three Hills Victim Services Annual Steak and Lobster Fest, to be held on June 11 at the Trochu Community Centre.
The Reeve or her designate was authorized to attend the Kneehill Historical Society's Annual Spring Supper on April 2, 2011, and provide a donation of a County promotional item as a door prize.