Introducing The Craft Beef Co.

Tetz Cattle Co

Buying direct and buying the best doesn’t always go hand-in-hand. Well, it does at The Craft Beef Co. The thing is, their growing company supplies much more than just beef.

Greg and Trish Tetz co-founded the idea about two years ago, as they operated the Tetz Cattle Co., west of Three Hills, a fourth generation cattle operation.

Trish is the president of the newly established Craft Beef Co. This venture is made-up of a hand-picked collection of Alberta producers who raise local beef and other meat products. Their focus is on ethically raised and sustainably produced meats for the Canadian family.

The Craft Beef Co. concept allows you to source a wide variety of meat products, produced by Alberta’s very best local farms and ranches.

One of the partners, Bauer Meats, is the main processor and does a majority of the packaging. Bauer Meats also produces Jerkies and sausages for The Craft Beef Co. By visiting their website at you will be introduced to the partners including 4K Farms of Swalwell, Bauer Meats of Torrington, Grazed Right of Calgary, High River Chicken of High River, Lambtastic Farms of Vulcan, Nonay Beef of Sturgeon County, Prairie Land and Cattle of Hardisty, Southern Cross Livestock of Madden, Tetz Cattle Co. of Three Hills and WR Grazing of Irricana. is your direct link to the farm. Your purchases are delivered frozen, to your door, via FedEx, almost anywhere in Alberta. Delivery in Three Hills is handled by Trish and Greg, to your door, free of charge and with no minimum order.

Order online, shop by individual cuts or consider a box of hand-picked favorites to satisfy your appetite.

It’s quality first. No exceptions. “We pride ourselves on no unnecessary antibiotics, zero hormones added, pasture raised grain-finished and pasture raised grass-finished.” “Our Curated Boxes are filled with our most popular products and change all the time, based on in-stock inventory,’’ said Trish.” You have the option to add to each box to suit your needs or you can order a “custom box” and create your own.” There’s the BBQ Lovers Box, the Farmer’s Market Box or you can create your own starting at $50.

Just think about rack of lamb, lamb shank, chicken drumsticks, wings and prime roasters, sirloin tip steaks, cross rib roast, breakfast sausages and wagyu burger patties. They’re all on special for the holiday season and they can all arrive right to your door.

“There was no intent to create this concept or this company during the COVID-19 pandemic. One thing that has resulted from the pandemic is the importance of shopping locally and knowing where and how your meat products are produced.” Says Trish, “with more ranches, The Craft Beef Co. has increased the variety of products available and also created a unique food system all the way from the ranch to the processor and finally to your door. With multiple ranchers working from a single location, everyone can take advantage of our sales and marketing expertise, as well as shipping their product, all while maintaining their own business branding and farming practices. This is a unique feature in Canada. No one does it the way we do.

Take the guess-work out of shopping for your meat products. Go to and take $20 off your first order by using the code TAKE20, valid on orders of $150+. From now till Christmas, all orders over $150 are also receiving two packages of Grass-Finished Ground Beef FREE.

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