Kneehill County Council Report

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Kneehill County held a regular meeting of council on Tuesday Dec. 8, 2020, which was called to order at 8:30 a.m. by Reeve Jerry Wittstock.

The first item on the Councils agenda was item 6.1.1, Proposed Amendments of the Municipal Development Plan (MDP), presented by, Barb Hazelton.

The County’s MPD Bylaw guides future land use and development, growth patterns, transportation systems, and municipal services. When the bylaw was adopted by Kneehill County Council on Sept. 22, 2020, some of the changes created conflicts with the current MDP.

Administration is proposing amendments to the MDP that would ensure consistency between all planning documents as required by the Alberta Land Stewardship Act, the Municipal Government Act and Land Use Policies.

Council moved first reading of proposed Bylaw 1829 amending the Municipal Development Plan & scheduled a Public Hearing for the Bylaw on Feb. 23, 2021, at 10:00 a.m.

Next item on the Councils agenda was item 6.2.1, Water Service Connection Request outside Municipal Boundary, Village of Carbon, presented by John McKiernan, Manager of Environmental Services.

A request from the Village of Carbon, on behalf of a Village resident, to connect to Kneehill County’s rural waterline (Grainger). Water modelling has been completed and the results concluded that this new connection would not adversely affect other users on the system and could provide the potential maximum service of 4 igpm (Imperial Gallon per Minute) at 40 psi (Pounds per Square Inch).

Council approved non-resident water service connection to the Grainger rural water system, as requested by the Village of Carbon, and per Policy 14-17.

The next item on the Councils agenda was item 7.1, 2021 Interim Operating Budget, presented by, Bill McKennan, Director of Corporate Services.

Municipalities need to adopt an Interim Operating budget to continue day-to-day operations until the annual operating budget is adopted by Council.

Administration recommended that Council pass an Interim Operating Budget based on approximately 50% of the approved 2020 Operating Budget, as detailed in Appendix I in the Council package. Some budgetary accounts have been reflected at less than 50% due to issues such as non-recurring items or known factors that would adjust the 2021 budget compared to the 2020.

Council approved the 2021 Interim Operating Budget.

Agenda item 9.1, Kneehill County Green Space, was next, presented by Jacqueline Buchanan, EDO.

In July of 2020, Council directed administration to reach out to local organizations to determine if there were additional uses for the green space located directly north of the Kneehill County Administration Building.

Administration contacted a variety of local organizations; however, no projects came forward that met Council’s criteria of being substantially completed and funded by the organization proposing the project.

Council’s decision is to postpone the Kneehill County Green Space conversation until a suggested use is presented that meets the recommended criteria.

Next on the Councils agenda was item 9.2, Letter of Support, presented by Mike Haugen.

Administration received a request from Sunterra Farms asking Kneehill County for a Letter of Support as they apply for a grant to the Canadian Agricultural Partnership’s Emerging Opportunities Program.

Council directed administration to create a Letter of support to Sunterra Farms for their grant application.

The next County meeting will be held on Jan. 12, 2021 at 8:30 am in Council Chambers.