Three Hills Town Council approves 2021 Budget

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The Three Hills Town Council meetings of December 14 consisted first of a “Public Hearing for Land Use Bylaw 1458-20” and then the Regular Council Meeting which had in it a “Closed Session” with final adjournment coming at 9:12 PM.

There were no submissions or representations for the Public Hearing and Council had the Bylaw recommended for approval.

The regular meeting of Council was called to order at 5:35 PM, and had eight items of business to deal with, apart from the items discussed in the closed session.

Management Reports included the Director of Finance, Director of Community Services, and the Chief Administrative Officer reports as of December 14.

Councillors are provided with written reports and these are also available on-line on the Town of Three Hills Web page under the heading of “Meetings - December 14 - Agenda Package.”

Following the approval of the reports as presented, Councillors moved immediately to reviewing three Bylaws.

Bylaw 1467-20 Water and Wastewater Services, having already received first and second reading was given third and final reading as amended.

Bylaw 1473-20 Municipal Election Bylaw was presented and given first reading as amended. Second and third and final reading followed.

Bylaw 1458-20, Land Use Bylaw for which the Public Hearing had been called, had some minor amendments and received second reading as amended, with the third and final reading also being given.

New Business had “Council direct Administration to draft a letter of support for Southern Albert Energy from Waste Association. (SAEWA).” Councillors expressed appreciation for the letter as received which outlined where the Association has come to and what is proposed.

At this point, 6:57 PM, Council moved into the closed session to address two agenda items, and moved back into Open Session at 8:10 PM.

Resuming “New Business”, Council discussed at length the 2021 Budget, 2022-2024 Financial Plan and the 2022-26 Capital Plan. Two options were presented to Council and they approved option one which reads: “Option 1: Approve 2021 Budget, 2022-2024 Financial Plan, and 2022-2026 Capital Plan” (with amendments.

At 8:59 PM Council had to vote unanimously to extend the meeting beyond 9:00 PM.

The Councillors’ and Mayors reports followed.

Councillor Al Campbell was absent.

Deputy Mayor John Hamm attended two SAEWA meetings via Zoom; the AGM of November 27 and a second one on December 4. He also had a meeting on Dec. 2 per Provincial Budget discussions. On December 15, as Deputy Mayor, he would be attending a Regional Mayor’s meeting on behalf of Mayor Shearlaw.

On December 8, both Councillor Harold Leo and Councillor Ray Wildeman attended a Negotiation Committee meeting (CUPE).

Councillor Vernon Wiebe attended a Municipal Planning Commission meeting on Dec. 7.

Councillor Marilyn Sept did not have any official meetings to attend.

Mayor Shearlaw attended the FCSS meeting on November 21.

After the approval of these reports there were only three items of correspondence to be accepted as presented and adjournment came at 9:12PM.