Kneehill County Council reduces Council Compensation

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At the March 9, 2021 Council meeting, Council approved Policy 3-1, Council Compensation and Expense Remuneration.

Council first reviewed and discussed policies relating to Council compensation at the January 26, 2021, Council meeting. A draft policy reflecting the changes made during this discussion was then brought forward for Council’s consideration on February 23, 2021. The final policy approved March 9 incorporates the changes in compensation and combines the original thirteen expense and remuneration policies into one overarching document.

As a result of these discussions, Council has reduced their compensation overall by approximately 15%. Council base pay has been reduced by approximately $200 per month, and per diems were also reduced, from $395.07 for a full day to $325.00, and $197.54 down to $162.50 for half days.

“It’s important for us as Council to show leadership and financial management, especially given the current economic climate,” said Reeve Jerry Wittstock, “throughout the 2021 budgeting process we’ve directed County staff to reduce expenses wherever possible. Now, it’s our turn to do the same.”

The reductions in pay are expected to save the County a minimum of $52,000 a year.


Council Compensation