Senior’s Housing project in conceptual phase

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Trochu Councilors held a regular meeting of Town Council April 26, 2021. The meeting was opened at 6:00pm and all Councilors were in attendance, some by Zoom and some in-person in Council chambers. Joining the Councilors were Lavinia Henderson of Civic Solutions, CAO Carl Peterson, and Recording Secretary Toni Nelson.

Council accepted the meeting’s agenda and previous minutes, then CAO Carl Peterson presented his Administrator’s Report.

The Senior’s Housing continues to progress. Once the project has support from Covenant Health and AHS, it will be brought to the Minister’s Office. The project is in the conceptual phase; technical drawings have not yet been completed.

Mayor Kletke wondered whether the current increased lumber costs would have an effect on the Senior’s Housing project. Peterson said that lumber costs are expected to level-off in the fall, and it should therefore not have a great impact.

Peterson attended a Zoom session with Alberta Recycling about the “Extended Producer Responsibility” program which puts the responsibility of the life of the product on the producer of the product. It has recently been put in place to promote recycling of products that do not biodegrade. Peterson says they have agreed to transport Trochu’s waste but it’s still unclear to where it will be transported. Rates will be kept consistent.

The planned Police Task Force presentation initially scheduled for May 19th has been postponed. A new date has not yet been announced.

The Town has been interviewing applicants for an Equipment Operator opening. After the interviews, an offer has been sent to one individual. It is hoped that the offer will be accepted quickly.

Becky Guedes has been hired to be the Swimming Pool manager. She brings years of experience in both Trochu and Three Hills, and new creative ideas to make better use of the pool while still adhering to COVID guidelines.

Peterson and Kletke sat in on the AUMA Mayor and CAOs spring caucus virtual sessions. Rachel Notley and Jason Kenney and many Ministers were on the call. Topics included Red Tape Reduction, COVID updates, as well as discussion about municipal finances and reserve funds.

Peterson notes that the Town has received a request from the County that Peterson would consider writing a letter to Minister of Social Justice and Solicitor General, Kaycee Madu, supporting the RCMP rather than a potential Provincial Police Force.

Councilors presented reports from their respective areas.

Councilor Chris Armstrong noted that the Trochu Fire Department has been working on fire training with the County and will continue for several weeks.

Councilor Bill Cunningham wondered whether it would be possible to set up a safety bolt campaign day in Trochu, like the ones held in Three Hills and Delburne. Peterson notes that the ask has been sent, but a response has not yet been received from the RCMP. Cunningham commended the RCMP detachment in Three Hills on their safe exchange zone which was launched on Monday April 26th. Any residents meeting up with someone they do not know, making a sale over the internet, can meet at the designated (with signage) spot in the north parking lot at the Three Hills detachment.

Cunningham was excited to let Council know that the Trochu Museum has been approved for Canada summer job grants, so will be able to employ a few summer workers.

Lastly, the Museum will hold their annual Spring Plant Sale on Saturday May 15th. There will not be a garage sale accompanying the plant sale this year.

Councilor Cheryl Lumley said that the Arboretum Annual General Meeting is now postponed to May 11th because attendance at the previously scheduled AGM was too low for the society’s requirement. Phoning will be done in advance of the May 11th meeting to ensure there will be enough people in attendance. At this time the AGM is scheduled to be in-person, but will depend on restrictions on the 11th.

Councilor Bonnie Munro is attending a Library AGM on May 4th where two new board members will be added, creating a full-slate of 10 to the Board. Munro and Peterson will discuss the possibility of adding an electrical outlet to the back deck of the Library so that patrons can enjoy wifi on the back deck, especially amidst COVID restrictions. Munro also asked Council to think about snow removal options for the Library from Sunday-Tuesday, as the Library is only open Wednesday-Saturday. That will be a discussion for a future Council meeting.

Councilor Ed Stephan attended a Doctor’s Recruitment and Retention meeting on Wednesday. He was disappointed and frustrated with the discussion which felt redundant and cyclical. For example, he was asked to help define the goals of the group, but it seems obvious that the goal is doctor’s recruitment and retention.

Mayor Kletke circled back to the AUMA meeting, expressing appreciation for both Rachel Notley and Jason Kenney who were well-spoken and faced tough questions.

Following the Councilor’s reports, Council filed their correspondence listing which consisted of a Gateway Association invitation to their 8th annual Mayor’s Event, and Municipal Affairs: Supporting Alberta Businesses. These items were filed without requiring discussion, and Council moved into Closed Session at 6:30pm.

The next Regular Meeting of Trochu Town Council is scheduled for May 10th, 2021.