Three Hills welcomes Grant Gyukovits as Director of Operations

Grant Gyukovits

Mayor Tim Shearlaw called the meeting to order at 5:30 PM July, 12, 2021.

Councillor Al Campbell moved that the agenda be adopted as amended. (The amending being that MLA Nathan Cooper would not be attending as expected in as much as he had met with some of the Councillors at the Grand Opening of the Water Treatment Plant earlier today.)

Deputy Mayor John Hamm moved that the minutes of the regular meeting of Council on June 28, be accepted as presented.

CAO Ryan Leuzinger was pleased to announce that Grant Gyrurkovits, who has been filling the position of Interim Director of Operations & Infrastructure, has accepted the Director of Operations & Infrastructure position on a full-time basis.

Billy Coles, of BCP Construction, was the second “Delegation” scheduled for 6:00 PM via Zoom connection, so Council proceeded to attend “New Business”. There was only one item to consider and that was the approval of a request to install a memorial bench in Tower Park.

Time before the scheduled meeting with Billy Coles allowed the Councillors to give their reports.

Only Deputy Mayor John Hamm had his activity of being in the office to sign cheques and his attending the Grand Opening of the Water Treatment Plant.

Mayor Shearlaw was also present for the Grand Opening of the Water Treatment Plant, and was present, along with MLA Nathan Cooper, for the Ribbon Cutting ceremony of the Honey House and Busy Bee Bake Shoppe on July 9.

Council had five items of Correspondence to accept as information.

Council moved into a Closed Session at 5:43 to discuss the CAO Performance Review, and came back into Open Session at 6:00 PM.

Billy Coles then joined the meeting via telephone conferencing. He brought Council up to date as to current developments with BCP Construction, Emerge Modular, and CCR Hospitality. Then he read the two letters to Council (of which there are copies online) and emphasized again (and again) the same thoughts expressed in the letter. Chiefly, at this time, it was a request that Council do what it can to extend for six months the building permit (which has been extended twice already.)

His other concern was the internet service provided for the businesses on 17th Ave. N.E.

Council has agreed to speak to Superior Safety Codes Inc. about granting the permit extension.

Mayor Shearlaw suggested that he would contact another Three Hills business person who has been trying to work out a plan that would improve the internet service for this area, and that he and Billy should discuss the possibilities there.

Councillor Harold Leo, who left the meeting when Billy Coles’ presentation was being given, returned to the meeting after the Councillors discussed the situation.

Mayor Shearlaw declared the meeting adjourned at 6:28 PM.