Albert and Lavina Enns to celebrate 75th wedding anniversary

Enns 75 Anniversary

Albert and Lavina Enns are celebrating their 75th wedding anniversary. They met while working for the same farmer. She was painting a fence with a friend when he drove onto the yard on a Farm all tractor. She said to her friend, “Wow, he’s good looking and he’s mine! “ After fighting over him, she won that handsome blue eyed man.

Enns Wedding Day

They had a double wedding with her sister, Elda and husband Harvey Toews on the 21st of July, 1946 in Linden, AB. They spent their first night together in a newly built chicken barn on her folks’ yard. For their honeymoon, they went to Banff and Lake Louise for two days.

Born to them were five girls and four boys.

At this time, the family count is over 80. Albert is 96 and Lavina is 95.

They reside in the Westview Care Community near Linden.

Lavina says, “You may ask what’s the secret of such a long life together. For us it’s been:

1. Keep God in the picture

2. Communicate with each other

3. The silent treatment should only last til sundown

4. Forgive and forget

5. Show respect for one another

6. Play your favorite table game every day

7. End the day with a kiss!”