Canadians prepare to go to the polls

Federal Logos

On September 20, 2021, Canadians will determine who will be the next Prime Minister. We will do this by electing a Member of Parliament in our various ridings.

Kneehill County sits in Battle River-Crowfoot and Bow River.

In Kneehill County your candidates are Daniel Brisbin - Green Party, Jeff Golka - Maverick Party, Damien Kurek (Incumbent) - Conservative Party, John Irwin - Veterans Coalition Party, Leah Diane McLeod - Liberal Party, Tony Ratushniak - New Democratic Party and Dennis Trepanier - People’s Party.

In Bow River your candidates are Martin Shields (Incumbent) - Conservative Party, Getahun Shawile - Liberal and Jonathan Bridges - People’s Party.

In the 2019 Federal Election Damien Kurek - Conservative Party cleaned up in Battle River-Crowfoot winning 85.5% of the vote. In Bow River, Conservative Martin Shields was first elected MP in 2015 winning with 77.4% of the vote. Shields sought re-election in 2019 and won with a sweeping 83.9% of the vote.

Don’t forget to vote on Monday, September 20, 2021.