Watermain break

On the afternoon of Saturday, August 7, around 4:00 pm, the Town experienced a watermain break across from the IGA, in front of the Harvest House restaurant. This water break was in the same vicinity as a recent sanitary service repair completed in the winter of 2020/21.

The 200mm cast iron watermain blew a hole out the bottom of the pipe, which contributed to a crack on either side of the hole approximately 7 ft long. With the quick action of a community resident phoning in the water break, th

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Kneehill Historical Society officially re-opens Village School

Another chapter began in the story of the Three Hills Village School building that is 107 years in the making. This past Saturday, the Kneehill Historical Society officially re-opened the heritage structure on the towns current Museum location. To be clear, this wasn’t your typical ribbon cutting photo op, to reveal a cosmetic brush up of an old building, it was the unveiling of completely rebuilt, multi-function facility.

“We really did, from foundation to the bell tower, build a n

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Three Hills Town Council reviews “Sidewalk Assessment Report”

Deputy Mayor John Hamm called the Three Hills Town Council Meeting of August 9, to order at 5:30 PM. Mayor Shearlaw and Councillor Harold Leo were absent and unable to attend via telephone.

An agenda having only 12 items, plus the Management Reports, and Councillor’s Reports, eight items of Correspondence and then three issues to discuss in Closed session, did not appear particularly involved, but lengthy discussion with a couple of items, saw the regular session go until 8:04 with Closed

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Ruth Purves Smith “has had a really big life”

The artist, author, and singer/songwriter has had a boost of creativity during the pandemic, writing and recording a new album, and working on several writing projects.

Her life and musical journey has been woven and intertwined like a rich tapestry, much like the fibres spun at the 1800’s-inspired Custom Wool Mill started by her parents in the 1970’s, now run by her sister. While born and raised in Calgary, Ruth had her feet in both worlds, as both a city girl, and as a horse-wrang

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