Now Showing Beauty and the Beast

Opening night of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast on May 19 and what can I say? The dictionary tells us that an “entertainer” is a person who entertains, especially professionally on stage etc.” And it says that to entertain is “to amuse: occupy agreeably.” I can’t think of any better terms to describe what was presented in this great production of the Three Hills Arts Academy, with Sheila Adkins as the Director.


Acting, choreography, gymnastics, humour, magic, emotional responses, thought prov

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Prairie to embark on Archive Project

MLA Richard Marz was in Three Hills recently to present a cheque for $30,310.00 to the Three Hills Municipal Library for what will be the first phase in the ambitious undertaking of restoring the Prairie Bible Institute’s vast archives. Kevin Edwards, Three Hills Mayor and Chairman of the Three Hills Library Board, offered this comment regarding the project, “On behalf of the Three Hills Library we are excited to be participating in the preservation of this valuable collection. We are especiall

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