BARONET, Anne Maria Brosinsky

Obit Anne Baronet

Anne Maria Brosinsky Baronet was born in Cosine, Saskatchewan on May 21, 1928 and passed just two weeks and two days short of her 95th on May 5, 2023, in Simi Valley, California. She lived in Denzil, SK, until she was sixteen, when she moved out of her parents’ home to work for her aunt and uncle, to help raise a family of eight. Annie, as known to friends, moved to Calgary in 1950 where she worked at the General Hospital, for over a year, until she met John Baronet. She married John Baronet on November 10, 1952, at her parents’ home in Denzel, SK. John and Anne settled on their farm southeast of Three Hills, AB, raising their daughters Willie, born 1953 and Laura, born 1957, until they moved to California in 1959, due to Johnny’s health with rheumatoid arthritis. Ivan, their only son, was born in 1963 in Vista, California. Anne was known to be a very diligent, hard-working woman with a small frame. Her hand grip was strong as a vice due to all the bread making over the years. John and she started a janitorial business together and worked side by side for 42 years. They built a lovely home together on seven acres out in the foothills of Vista, California filled with citrus and fruit trees. Upon John’s passing in January 1994, Anne moved to Gilbert, Arizona where she remained until 2020. In Gilbert AZ, Annie built a beautiful community of friends and neighbors. She was a gracious hostess, having annual Christmas parties, outrageous Christmas light displays and hosting many celebrations at her home. She was always up for a good party and a glass of wine. Anne had nine grandchildren, Jacquelinne, Ashley, Dylan, Dustin, Cooper, Quentin, Alex, Amanda, and Tanya. They all referred to her as Cookie Grandma. Every holiday she would make a special effort to bake each one of her grandchildren their favorite cookie. She was an amazing support system to each and everyone of her grandchildren and taught them the value and importance of family, community, and faith. Her many traditions of Rummikub, baking endless amounts of treats, wine happy hours and shopping will always be in our hearts. She was the backbone of our family and will never be forgotten. Visitors from Canada were always welcome with a home cooked meal and a competitive game of cards. When playing cards with Anne, it was always Anne’s house, Anne’s rules. In 2020 Anne moved closer to her family in Simi Valley, where she remained until her passing. She was the last surviving child of the nine children of Jack and Josephine Borsinsky. She leaves behind three children, nine grandchildren, and four great grandchildren. Her family and friends will miss her fun antics, funny stories, kind heart and welcoming hugs. Any donations in Anne Maria Baronet name can be to the Dementia Society of America or Alzheimer Association. We will be honoring Anne Baronets life on Saturday, May 27th at 2:00 pm at Leyden’s Funeral Home, 304 18th Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

We will give Anne the last word. Anne wrote the following last paragraph of her history in the 2004 version of the “As the Years Go By” history book volume II by the Three Hills Rural Community Group: “I have great memories of Three Hills (actually, anywhere Anne lived). The seven years I spent there gave me a lifetime of friendship and enjoyment. Over the years I value the times spent and visits with my Canadian friends and family.” Anne ended her goodbyes to us with “I love you more.”