DICK, Martha

Obit Martha Dick

Martha Dick was born to Nickolai & Justina Thiessen on October 31, 1933, in Grunthal, Manitoba, the sixth of nine children. When she was three the family moved to Coaldale. She developed a sensitive heart and heard God’s call at a young age. Her faith and trust never wavered despite the storms. When, as a child, she developed a case of laryngitis, severe enough for an expensive doctor to be consulted, she was instructed not to talk for several days. Her sister Mary, 6 years older, remarked, “My, what a change!” Little Martha was not just a talker, but also a bit of a daredevil; earning a quarter by dunking herself into an icy spring dugout – which brother thought of that? Maybe that explains her love of practical jokes. As a young woman, she was impressed with Henry Dick and married him on August 31, 1956. The busy and fun years with the children began and in the next 11 years, they were blessed with three sons and two daughters. Many wonderful memories were made in that home of deeply rooted faith. Scriptures like Isaiah 43 held them when they heard words like “cancer”, “surgery”, and “terminal”. She was mischievous and fun-loving. Shortly before moving into the Lodge, her family suggested gathering on a Monday; she stopped all conversation by piping up with “I can’t make it – that’s the day I do laundry”! What a blessing to see that humor having been passed down. Her photography shows her love of God’s creation and the beauty she saw in people. She loved her church family and enjoyed serving in many ways. Many people knew her generous hospitality which seemed gracious and effortless. She loved to share the bounty of their farm, garden, and kitchen. Mom’s/grandma’s specials included canned peaches, peppermint cookies, and meat buns. Being diagnosed with Celiac disease meant a new kitchen challenge. She adapted quickly, even developing the best gluten-free bun recipe we’ve ever tried. As a mom and grandma, she always had time for games and crafts. A granddaughter commented that there was magic when doing crafts - anything was possible. We have many photos of her head close to a child’s working together. She loved to sew – one year the grandchildren all received jean jackets, another year it was bathrobes. She sewed wedding dresses for her daughter and granddaughter. She taught her granddaughter’s husband how to quilt! To her surprise, her family has grown to 35, including 11 grandchildren and 10 “greats”. How she loved us all! And we were always eager to see her. A four-year-old great-grandson once announced excitedly “Here comes the GREAT!” We say goodbye to Martha with the joyous certainty that she is now in the presence of her Lord. We remember her as a beacon of faith, a woman of spirit, and a loving mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, sister, and friend. Services were held Tuesday, August 8, 2023 at the Linden Mennonite Brethren Church. Martha was laid to rest at the Linden Cemetery. Memorial donations may be made to Westview Care Community or Compassion Canada. To send condolences and for more information, please visit www.sunsetltd.ca