Outreach News May 11, 2011

In April, Alberta celebrated the many volunteers that keep our organizations going. Seniors Outreach is one such organization that is blessed with many dedicated volunteers. Within Kneehill County in 2010, our 275 active volunteers gave more than 16,000 hours to serving their communities. This is a phenomenal amount of time and we are so grateful to everyone who gave of their time to serve others.
The Seniors Outreach Caring Car program is our largest program with more than 3,150 volunteer hours spent driving approximately 800 seniors around town and beyond, in all kinds of weather, last year. The Handyman/Handywoman program is one of our leading service programs with almost 3,000 hours of volunteer time given to serving individuals, organizations, and charities. The Caring Visitor program includes respite care and over 2,600 hours were given by volunteers for visiting and caring for others last year.
The Seniors Outreach office could not function without the exemplary team of volunteer receptionists, phoners, and data entry workers. These volunteers provided over 1,400 hours of work in our office last year and are recognized as the welcoming face of both our organization and the Provincial Building.
Seniors Outreach partners with several community organizations to provide essential services such as Meals on Wheels and Lifeline to seniors as well as volunteer time at blood donor clinics, baking for the Food Bank, distributing books for the Library, and many others. Last year, volunteers gave 1,300 hours to helping others in this capacity.  Seniors Outreach is always looking for new community partners to work with. The Three Hills CommUnity Drop-In Centre is open every weekday through the commitment of volunteer hosts and hostesses that make coffee and provide goodies. Last year, volunteers gave 1,250 hours to making seniors and other community members feel welcome at the Drop-In Centre. The Community Bus program is an essential service to more than 2,335 individuals who used the service in 2010. It operates primarily in Three Hills but also offers monthly trips to Red Deer as well as other specialty trips. We are so grateful to our faithful bus drivers for their volunteer time that makes this program possible.  Last year, this select team gave more than 620 hours of volunteer time to driving the bus.
Seniors Outreach has many unique opportunities and programs for you to get involved in as a means of improving the quality of life for seniors. May I encourage you to get involved in some volunteer capacity within our Kneehill County communities. You have unique strengths and gifts that can benefit others and bring a sense of enjoyment and satisfaction to you as well.  We gratefully acknowledge the amazing volunteers who faithfully serve at Seniors Outreach and make our organization dynamic and strong. Hats off to each and every one of you—you are appreciated!