Seniors Outreach April 4, 2012

Stay healthy, eat properly, and exercise more are all admonitions we hear constantly. As we grow older, it is sometimes harder to accomplish these health and wellness objectives.  Our bodies are not quite so agile and movement may become more limited.  But spring is just around the corner and the warmer weather beckons us outdoors. There are many activities in our communities that can lure us out.  Here are some suggestions:
• Trochu has garden allotments and raised bed available for seniors who find bending difficult.  These raised beds are a pilot project so your interest in them encourages other communities to consider offering similar raised beds for seniors.  Three Hills also has community garden allotments of assorted sizes.
• Link2Health and Home Support exercise programs are available in each community.
• The Towns of Three Hills and Trochu have provided excellent walking paths.
• In winter, curling is a great form of exercise and socialization.
• Bowling is a year round activity where exercise is made fun.
For those who enjoy water or have mobility challenges, swimming is a great way to exercise.
For more information on how you can stay active in your community, please contact the Seniors Outreach office at 403-443-2555.