Seniors Outreach May 30, 2012

Seniors Week (June 4-10) is just around the corner and we don't want you to miss out on the fun.  Please contact our office this week for tickets to the Appreciation and Fundraising Supper and trips to the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, Nanton and the Ukrainian Village. There are activities scheduled for each day of the week so come and be part of them. They have been planned just for you as Seniors Outreach wants to really celebrate all our seniors.
• June 1-3 is the Cruise weekend activities with plenty of classic oldies here to bring back memories.
• Monday, June 4 - Trips to Nanton (Lancaster Air Museum) and the Ukrainian Village;
• Tuesday, June 5 - Potluck at the Community Drop-In Centre, Bowling, and Story time;
• Wednesday, June 6 - half price golf, Passing on the History (Carbon and Three Hills), and Making a difference: Building a Living Legacy (at the Community Drop-In Centre);
• Thursday, June 7 - Appreciation and Fundraising Supper and AGM (at Bethel Evangelical Missionary Church);
• Friday, June 8 - Trip to Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra to hear Sarah Chang play Beethoven's Pastoral and Bruch's Violin Concerto;
• Saturday, June 9 - Pancake Breakfast and Kneehill County tournament play-offs;
• Sunday, June 10 - Supper Senior Sunday at churches within Kneehill County.
There is something for everyone so come and help us celebrate our wonderful seniors.